Northern Vermont is resplendant with beautiful scenery. Just like the state of Maine is nicknamed Vacationland for good reason, the area of Vermont known as the Northeast Kingdom lives up to its name in both breadth and depth of majesty. If you grew up here, which I didn’t, then it’s just something you end up taking for granted. And so it is for people from beautiful places the world over.

The area known as Cabot Plains is a stretch of land in the town of Cabot Vermont (Cabot like the cheese – best sharp cheddar in the world!). To be completely honest, the exact location of the area specifically referred to as Cabot Plains is somewhat nebulous. Even natives to the area will tell you different things. (Like there’s that long stretch of road below the hill where Amanda’s Greenhouse is. That looks an awful lot like plains, it’s in Cabot, and it’s right below the hill. Is that Cabot Plains too?)

The way I learned it, Cabot Plains is the area at the top of Cabot Plains Hill Road with the small cemetary and the covered bridge that looks out over the Green Mountains to the west. The Bailey Hazen Road, a beautiful and historical curiosity that starts and stops seemingly wherever it pleases, appearing randomly in disjointed segments through multiple towns – picks up just below the top of Cabot Plains. A beautiful farmhouse estate sits to the southwest overlooking the long and sloping valley looking toward Hardwick.

And the sunsets. Oh my, the sunsets.

I will be the first to admit that I do not know the Northeast Kingdom well enough to know all of the countless awesome photography spots. I know several other places to go, and at the end of the day it must be admitted by anyone who spends time here that there is a majestic view every time you turn a corner. (Drive from St. Johnsbury to Danville on Route 2 and pull over at the scenic view spot at the top of the last hill before descending into Danville and you’ll know what I mean.) Good views are easily found in the Northeast Kingdom.

But when it comes to photography, Cabot Plains might take the cake for two simple reasons: ease of access and variety of subjects.

Reaching Cabot Plains is quite simple and can be accessed from three directions: from West Shore Road off of Route 2, from Cabot Center, and from the Bailey Hazen Road, although you should probably only take that if you’ve got 4×4.

Cabot Plains is a local high point in the area and provides the visitor with a very nice view of the Green Mountains. The best view is to the west, a front-row seat to stunning sunsets over the local range, quite often enhanced by the myriad smattering of clouds roving the skies from whatever weather system is working its way over the valley below.

covered bridge in danville vermont

The beautiful little covered bridge to nowhere atop Cabot Plains in Danville Vermont.

The view of the mountains is not the only wonderful thing to photograph, however. The large field of high grass carpeting the last jog of land up to the top of Cabot Plains is home to a beautiful covered bridge arching over a small and quiet pond. The bridge is a perfect gray over the steely blue-green-black of the pond water. There are times when in a certain light and from a certain distance the bridge looks so quaint and picturesque, painted into a more diminutive version of itself from afar by the majesty of its surrounding landscape, that it almost does not look real from the top of the field which contains it, but looks rather like the masterwork of an illusionist who spun it into existence as a fantasy to compel even more beauty into the scene with the little bridge present than was there in its absence.

bailey hazen road cabot plains vermont

A short stretch of the Bailey Hazen Road below Cabot Plains Vermont

And if the mountains and bridge are not enough for a photographer to enjoy, he or she can simply walk down the Bailey Hazen Road and find plenty of photo opportunities. This particular stretch of the Bailey Hazen Road is completely covered with tree canopy in places, which makes for a wonderfully cool hideaway in the blaze of the summer sun, and a truly awesome tunnel of color in the autumn.

I have spent many wonderful hours on the top of Cabot Plains with camera in hand. It’s a great place to shoot all kinds of photography.

Are you familiar with the Northeast Kingdom? Do you have a spot to recommend as the best in the area to put your camera to work? Post it in the comments below and why you think it’s a great spot.

See you up on Cabot Plains!