Video: Bicycle Powered Knife Sharpener in Mumbai

You are bound to see a sharpener on the streets of Mumbai. I’m pretty sure they have their regular spots because I saw this guy in the same place a few different days. These sharpeners are where the city’s knives and blades return from dull edges to well-honed cutting instruments.

The sharpener sits on the […]

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Video: Fresh Squeezed Sugar Cane Juice

This stuff is so insanely good. I can’t describe it so I’m not even going to try.


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White People in Mumbai

Pictured Above: Andheri Station

Not Pictured Above: white people

There aren’t many of them in Mumbai, so those who are there really stick out, especially outside of Colaba, and extra especially in neighborhoods far removed from train stations. So here are the stereotyped categories of white people you’ll see in Mumbai.


These are my favorite. They can […]

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