October in Arugam Bay: WINNING

So right now I’m sitting on my porch drinking a Horlick’s and eating custard cream biscuits watching the rain fall and listening to the thunder boom over the bay. Laptop’s on, internet’s strong, temps are lower 70s. They were mid-90s around 1pm before it started to cloud over.

ArugamBay is a sweet place to be. […]

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Video: Ice Chipper in Mapusa Market

It takes a lot of ice to keep stuff cool in a place like Goa India. Ice gets carted around the Mapusa market all day long, with people dedicated solely to running ice for  the various cold-oriented endeavors in the market: cool drinks like shakes and mixes, ice creams, and so on.

This guy’s ice […]

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Goa Markets: Arpora, Anjuna, Mapusa

Goa in the high season is absolutely rife with overpriced goods and services that often compare and even surpass the stupidly inflated prices of so-called developed nations like the US and UK. Goa’s intense tourism from Europe, America, Russia, and throughout India and Asia facilitates price inflation that is literally unheard of in the […]