Weird Bug: WTF Is This Thing?

I spotted this dude bobbin to the beat of the breeze on a late morning in Goa. He looks part mantis, part honey-i-shrunk-the-giraffe, part spider, part stick bug, and his ass is a deadringer for a calendula seed. Hints of Panzer tank, rhinoceros, and artisan paper origami.

WTF is this thing?

I’m going to reach out […]

Pigeon Temple – Lots of Pigeons

Yep. Lots and lots and lots of them.

See you dodging poo,


Bubbling Puddle in Old Manali India

This was a pretty cool random moment. Just happened to spot bubbles surfacing in a couple puddles on the side of the road, just over the bridge that crosses the Beas River in Old Manali on the way to the forest connecting Old and New Manali. I stood there transfixed: it’s not every day […]

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