October in Arugam Bay: WINNING

So right now I’m sitting on my porch drinking a Horlick’s and eating custard cream biscuits watching the rain fall and listening to the thunder boom over the bay. Laptop’s on, internet’s strong, temps are lower 70s. They were mid-90s around 1pm before it started to cloud over.

ArugamBay is a sweet place to be. […]

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White People in Mumbai

Pictured Above: Andheri Station

Not Pictured Above: white people

There aren’t many of them in Mumbai, so those who are there really stick out, especially outside of Colaba, and extra especially in neighborhoods far removed from train stations. So here are the stereotyped categories of white people you’ll see in Mumbai.


These are my favorite. They can […]

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Video: Dangling Feet at Colaba’s Back Bay, Mumbai India

If you go to Mumbai, spend an afternoon into an evening at Back Bay in Colaba. It’s a beautiful place and a perfect spot to watch the sun set. The transition from day to night is accompanied by a change in the temperament of the people there, which changes from reserved and relaxed in […]