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Well it’s been a while since posting, a long while actually. I’ve been many places and seen many things since the last post and at some point I will get around to writing a handful of retrospectives on those experiences.

It’s the entrepreneurial spirit that has brought me back to the digital page. I’m happy […]

In Pictures: Nepal, Part 1

This is the first of a handful of image collections from the summer of 2014. Yeah a bit late I know. Amazing looking through them months later and being transported back. Feels like forever ago!

Check out the first gallery here with more to follow.

See you through the eyes of the red door,


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In Pictures: Pushkar India

We didn’t stay long here. It was hot, dry, and to be honest we didn’t catch the vibe.

Oh well.

Took a few pics though, they’re here.

See you in the heat of the Rajasthani summer sun,


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