Bubbling Puddle in Old Manali India

This was a pretty cool random moment. Just happened to spot bubbles surfacing in a couple puddles on the side of the road, just over the bridge that crosses the Beas River in Old Manali on the way to the forest connecting Old and New Manali. I stood there transfixed: it’s not every day […]

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Video: An Average Night on Arambol Beach, Goa India

Arambol Beach is a groovy place. It’s the last major town in Goa heading north and I think it has a good vibe to it at least comparatively, although people who have spent several seasons in Goa say that it’s not the Arambol that it used to be. I don’t know the difference so […]

Video: Breezy Sarong Dancer on Arambol Beach, Goa India

This video is a short clip of one of my favorite moments.

The sun had set and night was settling in, but there was still enough light to barely make out peoples’ details from a short distance away.

There’s a lull on Arambol Beach that lasts around 20-30 minutes, between the time when the day’s yelling […]

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