Well it’s been a while since posting, a long while actually. I’ve been many places and seen many things since the last post and at some point I will get around to writing a handful of retrospectives on those experiences.

It’s the entrepreneurial spirit that has brought me back to the digital page. I’m happy to announce the launch of CopperVedics, a line of copper water bottles that I source from India and decorate and assemble in the United States.

It’s been an interesting road leading here, with visa troubles, tuk-tuk insanity, wandering lost down dusty┬ácity streets, and riding a desk long and hard to bring it all together. I’m happy with it all so far and I hope that good things come as a result of the effort.

My time in India was the first real introduction that I’d ever had to anything related to ayurveda, and certainly my first encounter with copper water bottles. It was instantly fascinating. The first bottle that I saw immediately grabbed my attention and at that moment I set the intention to do something in the future with copper water bottles.

I’ve since learned quite a bit about why Indians (and other cultures) use copper to store their water, why it’s significant in ayurveda, and what more can be done to a copper bottle to improve on its ‘raw’ manufactured state. CopperVedics is the result of this process of learning, experimenting and innovating.

I have a few more ideas for CopperVedics that will eventually come to fruition, like more bottle designs and a couple other copper products that are commonly used in ayurveda. For now though, I’m focused on bringing the bottles to market and establishing CopperVedics as its own unique interpretation of copper water vessels.