The Anjuna market is a big open-air shopping center held weekly in Anjuna, one of my favorite places in Goa for its diversity and temperament.

The market is situated on the coast and terminates against a handful of cafes and restaurants that sit perched atop the steep embankments overlooking that particular piece of the Goan coast. It is a tourist market through and through with prices and seller attitudes reflecting the money that many foreigners bring to spend on their holidays. There is much haggling to do it you are inclined so don’t be afraid to get in it with a seller or two and see where it gets you.

The Anjuna market opens early morning and continues into the evening but is more or less wound down by nightfall, at which time the rest of the winding road of Anjuna blur the boundaries between market and town, the connections between the beachy area and the ass end of the market becoming less defined and more fluid.

It gets hot in the middle of the day so pack a few rupees for an overpriced ice cream from the wheel cart guys who have punched out the preprinted prices on their product display boards. Keep your big money at home though if you don’t want to spend it, particularly if you’re easily persuaded into buying things from aggressive sellers.

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