Suddenly a post appears!

So much to sort through, so much media!

So here are some flower images that I thought I’d better post before they get stale and moldy from sitting through monsoon.

There are two blooms in Goa and most of monsoony India: one in April and May when it’s hot, dry and not a drop of rain has fallen for six months, making one wonder how plants have any ability to produce a fruit or flower at all, and one on the tail end of monsoon, September and October.

Tourist accommodation venues have a tough time of it because crap soil aside, tourists are around December-March, when nothing wants to bloom. It’s a tough row to hoe.

I played around with these images a bit in Lightroom and Photoshop, back when I had time for such luxuries (when did traveling become so busy? Am I slipping or doing too much or…nah, it’s all good.)

Please do enjoy the gallery here.

And yes, more posts coming soon 🙂

See you amongst the foliage,