Goa is the least likely place to find a proper Holi celebration. It is the most Christian state in the nation, it is full of foreigners who are overwhelmingly no Hindu, and the level of debauchery that takes place here is often stunning.

I have been told that Goa screws Holi up year after year: there are a few event planners who start out with the best of intentions, and then things just devolve into part nn ts, part locals stopping cars to ask for money, and part dropped balls and half-asked execution of the day’s celebratory events.

This year, I am told, was the best in recent memory. A group of well-connected local promoters called the Goa Tribe Underground put a lot of effort into organizing a celebration at a local Russian joint called DonTellMama in Ashwem. Good location just by the water with open space to relax, dance, and make a colorful mess of your surroundings. The day started at 6am and went until close to midnight. The crowd was into it, the promoters were satisfied, and the day went very well all in all.

It was certainly no Delhi but it was a great day, full of love and laughter. An important part of Holi is the free-spirited union of strangers coming together to celebrate, have fun, and enjoy the colors of the world. I think despite its unlikely character and proclivities the Goan crowd facilitated that spirit well.

Enjoy the photos from the day here:

Set One

Set Two

Set Three

See you in all your true colors,