The Mapusa market is a permanent part of the city: several square blocks of smallish roads and alleyways located in the south of the city where hundreds of sellers have permanent businesses aimed at selling to Goans rather than tourists.

Mapusa is a great little city: fast but not crazy, big but not huge, and close enough to the beaches that it’s not a total PITA to get there from somewhere like Anjuna or Calangute. The people are pretty cool and the shopkeepers in the market are very cool indeed, honest and open to shooting the shit as much as pushing the hard sell. I think they enjoy the appearance of an odd tourist or backpacker now and again because Mapusa is far enough removed from the coastal hullabaloo that it’s not a frequent and tiring occurrence for them.

Enjoy the pictures from Mapusa market here.

See you at the fried pepper stand by the bakery,