A groovy band called Papa Layan played at The Mandala the first week that I arrived for my work exchange. I thought they were very talented, particularly the drummer, who uses an electric kit and has massive banks of sounds that he uses to very good effect.

They fit another concert into the season just at the end of March which turned out to be a great success with around 70 people attending. Just three days before the gig the main members of Papa Layan met three other musicians who came along for the show and performed with them and that turned out to be a very good addition to their regular lineup.

I think this band is awesome. Part reggae, part trance, part hip-hop. They remind me a lot of Sound Tribe Sector Nine but with a heavy psychedelic edge.

Short set of images, I was too busy jamming out to take many. Enjoy the few that I posted here.

See you bobbing my head to the beat,