Weird Bug: WTF Is This Thing?

I spotted this dude bobbin to the beat of the breeze on a late morning in Goa. He looks part mantis, part honey-i-shrunk-the-giraffe, part spider, part stick bug, and his ass is a deadringer for a calendula seed. Hints of Panzer tank, rhinoceros, and artisan paper origami.

WTF is this thing?

I’m going to reach out […]

Bellatrix Beatboxing Like A Boss

Belle, you rock. Can’t wait for our paths to cross again.

See you bobbin to the beat,



In Pictures: Danish Wedding Vows Reaffirmation

I was honored and blessed to be present and volunteer to be the impromptu photographer on Mandrem Beach at the wedding vows reaffirmation ceremony of Neils and Jette Blok, a wonderfully spicy and loving couple and loving parents to two young children who stayed at the Mandala Resort for their time in Goa.

Disclaimers: first […]